Hello again!

After my old blog was stolen (kokeshidoll.blogspot) I found hard to start a new one from scratch again. However, since I’m working in a new version of my website and I want to keep my work in just a few sites I decided to open my blog again, with a new name in a new place.  Feel free to take a look and leave your comments :), besides of my usual WIP  posts I’ll be writing about the books I’m reading and some personal projects here.

Lots of things have happened since last year, I’m living in a small town now and I’m taking time to learn new things, like knitting. I’m still using two needles and one yarn color, the idea is to start my first sweater soon. In the meantime Paloma Libertad is wearing my experiments.

Published by lorenaalvarezg

I'm an illustrator from Bogotá, Colombia

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